APG Business performance Review GOLD Award 2014

This Gold Award was awarded to APG Romania for excellence in delivering the APG Quality Standards in 2014.

IATA Top 10 ATC in Europe 2012

Regional Air Suport Training has been recognized as a Top ten European International Air Transport Association (IATA) Authorised Training Center (ATC) for 2012.

The award, which was presented to RAS during the IATA Training Partner Congress that was held in Istanbul in 2012, is in recognition of the Regional Air Suport's  "outstanding contribution in developing the human capital by reaching out to the next  generation of leaders in the evolving air transport industry in the European region"  according to Ismail AlBaidhani - Head of IATA Global Partnerships & Learning Innovation.

According with the IATA ITDI, the criteria that have been used to distinguish RAS from the rest of the ATC members in Europe were the number of students RAS had trained during 2011 and the students’ exam pass rates throughout 2011.

Best Aerosvit GSA 2010

Regional Air Suport has been awarded the best Aerosvit GSA in 2010.