Airline GSA through APG

APG GSA – General Sales Agency is introducing any airline into any market on a variable cost basis.

Regional Air Suport is an active member of APG - Air Promotion Group since 1999. With over 100 members covering over 170 countries on six continents, APG literally covers the world, and contractually serves more than 190 airlines from around the globe. APG's over 2, 000 employees globally are dedicated solely to serving our airline clients. The APG Network is indeed, “The World’s Leading Network for Airline Services.”
The cornerstone of APG World Program, the APG GSA offers world standard commercial representation and management services – globally, by region, or for individual countries for established airlines of any size: smaller and seasonal “Online” markets; global “Offline” markets or for Start-up & Regional airlines; global markets.

The product aims to reduce costs, improve the customer experience and aggressively grow revenue levels, providing a point of contact in each market.

APG GSA services may include:

  • Full sales and marketing activities including targeted sales calls
  • Ticketing and reservation facilities
  • Product training and regional brand development
  • Market intelligence reporting
  • Negotiating commercial agreements with travel trade
  • Negotiating and managing Interline relationships, Special Prorate Agreements
  • Creative marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Formulating local fares/pricing structure
  • Targeted reevenue growth
  • Presence at major exhibitions
  • Media liaison

Through this program, Regional Air Suport is representing in Romania the following companies:

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