Pilot School

ATO – Approved Training Organization

Regional Air Services is part of the same group of companies as Regional Air Suport, with the same ownership and management.
Starting from 28.01.2009, Regional Air Services - Regional Air Suport's is approved to work as a Flight Training Organization by Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority (RCAA) –, becoming, this way, the first private ATO flight school working in accordance with the international standards in Romania.

Regional Air's school is approved as a flight training organization (RO / ATO - 06).
The training is in accordance with EASA.
The approval certificate confirms the existence of Regional Air Services flight school officially and approves teaching the following classes: PPL (A), CPL (A) modular, IR (A) modular, ATPL (A) – distance learning, Class Rating SEP (Land), Class Rating MEP (Land), FI (A), CRI (SPA) and IRI(A).

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