Procedure Design Division

RAS Procedure Design is represented not only by a team of designers but also by experienced consultants in the field of Airspace Design.

The process of designing procedures is a complex one and requires experience and judgement, as well as the stakeholders’ involvement, i.e. Airport Operators, Airport Administration, Navigation Service Provider and last but not least the Civil Aviation Authority that has the role to approve the work completed by the Procedure Design Division.

Complexity of the procedure design work is established by taking into account the stakeholder’s interests when designing the procedures, aiming for lower approach minima while maintaining the safety of operations, represents key elements for an efficient and effective design.

Our team’s expertise is based on designing the following instrument procedures:

  • Conventional Procedures
  • RNAV Based Procedures
  • Additional studies and assessments related to the obstacles within the airport areas can be conducted in collaboration with other experts in the field.

If you are curious about our activities, the following photos are the best way to express them:

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Quality of our services being of the outmost importance, our activities are conducted within a quality management system which fulfills the requirements of standard SR EN ISO 9001:2015.

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