Airline GSA

With a long history as an airline support company, Regional Air Suport offers a complete range of airline services through a professional, experienced, flexible and dedicated team - the "Air Division".

We use the latest management tools and technologies to provide “best-in-class” services from top management to front-line operations.
We understand the importance of:

  • Sound expertise - we have successfully arranged agreements of representation with many airlines, we set-up new airlines companies, represented hotel distributors, or even aircraft manufacturers over the years.
  • Smooth communications with the local authorities and compliance to Principal and relevant authorities for operational processes
  • All in one, dedicated solutions covering the legal & financial aspects, airport & operational procedures, market development, sales, customer services, PR and committed resource allocation
  • Comprehensive reports/reviews for continuous improvement initiatives and revenue management
  • Dedicated offices for airlines

Regional Air Suport is currently representing as General Sales Agent the following airlines:

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